Our Giving Side - Early User Feedback

When [Giving Side] adds everything up for me, I’m like ‘woah!’

I tend to see things in bite-size pieces, but there’s a reward to seeing the bigger picture - it makes me feel good about myself. I’ve learned that I’m not as stingy as I thought, that maybe I am a generous person.

It turns out I still give a lot despite not being where I want to be financially.  - L.B., Beta User

I’ve certainly given more, but I’ve also found myself looking for more opportunities to give and to grow my profile. - A.T., Beta User

What I love about Giving Side is that it does away with lots of preconceived notions of segmentation, even behavioral segmentation, which is my usual fallback.  It’s simple enough that anyone can use it, it makes no value judgments on how much or to whom you’ve given, and it’s not really designed for a specific demographic or behavior beyond “people who give.”  It’s useful without trying too hard. - A.S., Beta User, IDEO 

When I signed up and started entering my giving, I DEFINITELY had a major pride and gratification moment when I realized that my total giving is actually not as meager as I usually walk around thinking it is. - S.G., Beta User, d.school

Ever since I started using Giving Side, it has helped not only track my donations but also ensure I maximize my giving to the organizations and causes I care most about. With a better understanding of how much I give and to where, there is a lot more clarity about the impact my contributions are having. Thanks to Giving Side, I know I am a donor and have the numbers to back it up. - G.C., Beta User

It's an identity category that's been fun to embrace - I use Giving Side, therefore I am a giver, and what does a giver do?  Give.  And I have been more conscious of my own giving since starting with the app.  I think I've been saying yes more.  It's a virtuous cycle. - J.P., Beta User

I don't talk about my giving because I don’t want to seem like I’m showing off … but I do talk with my partner and another friend because I know they use Giving Side, and so must be givers. - A.T., Beta User

I have to say the portal is motivating me. I really like the update on my goal for the year that you've been sending. Your project actually inspired me to set a goal now. - C.M., Beta User

What I like about Giving Side is that it makes you the expert - no one knows the impact you want to have on the world better than you. - J.P., Beta User

I used to think about my giving as extra, as what I have left over that I could give ... but tracking my giving changed this. It's made me see my giving as another budget item that I commit to each month. - C.M., Beta User

I'm excited to look back at the end of the year and see how much I've given without having to track it all myself by piecing together email and paper receipts. I think it holds a ton of promise for tracking the collective giving potential for several communities of young philanthropists that I'm a part of. - H.F., Beta User

As a donor, this project has already encouraged me to set an annual giving goal for the first time. - V.G., Beta User

I still feel like a small donor to everything I give to, but when you shift the focus to developing me as a giver I get more excited. I know that's your schtick - just sharing reactions because you've got me in an aware mood. - C.C., Beta User

Using Giving Side is making me donate more.  Submitting my receipt doubles the good feeling of giving. - M. J., Beta User